DNA GRoups 


DNA groups are groups of 3-4 people that seek to know and be known by others so that the Gospel will be spoken into one another lives in order to make us more like Jesus.

As disciples who’ve been saved and declared righteous, Paul exhorts us to “be transformed by the renewing of your minds” (Romans 12:2). Discipleship requires life-on-life interaction, and can only happen in community. We grow primarily through the experience of life in gospel community. A DNA group can be a key catalyst for growth and transformation in our lives.

DNA is an acronym that reminds of us three key components of discipleship:


The group seeks to discover gospel gaps in their lives, areas where they are not believing the truth about Jesus and who they are in Christ. This manifests itself in wrong beliefs, wrong emotions and affections, and wrong actions. They do this by reading the Bible to discern who God is, what he has done and who we are in light of this truth.


Group members nurture each others by speaking the truth in love to the heart. We do not use guilt, shame, or fear in each others' lives, as this will, at best, lead only to temporary conformity to each others' expectations. We use the power of God's Word and the truths of the gospel to nurture each other in love to their true identity in Christ Jesus.

A  |  Act

Group members make commitments to act on the discovery of truth they have learned, and agree to take tangible steps toward leading their affections increasingly toward Jesus. When the group returns, they will hold each other accountable to continue actively fighting their sin in the power of the Spirit.

Joining a DNA Group

We recommend joining a missional community group first, as it is a natural progression for meeting people that you will be joining with in a DNA group.

If you are currently in a Missional Community Group but still need help connecting in a DNA Group please submit your info below.