Missional Community Groups

A Family of Servants On Mission Together

A missional community group is much more than a weekly event. MCGs gather together at different times throughout the week to live out this Gospel identity.

MCG’s are the the heart of community and family here at Gospel Community Church, and in order to be faithful to living out who we are because of the Gospel we believe that every person that chooses to partner with Gospel Community Church needs to be involved in a Missional Community Group in order to live out our identities of being a family of servants on mission together.

These are not simply events put on the calendar, these are identities we are called to live from daily by gathering, growing and going together.


Gather on a regular basis to break bread and share a family meal.
Gather to connect, celebrate and pray together.
Gather to pursue knowing God together.
Gather to grow in knowing one another.


Grow in seeing our gifts be used to serve others.
Grow in our love for God and others.
Grow in seeing different ways  to serve others together.
Grow in knowing and pointing one another to the gospel.


Go as a sent people led by the Holy Spirit.
Go locally by loving, serving and sharing the truths of the Gospel with others.
Go globally by living to see the unreached all over the world reached with the gospel.
Go looking for people to have encounters with Jesus, in both our individual lives and in our times together.

Joining a Missional Community Group

We encourage new attenders here at GCC to begin the process for joining a Missional Community Group by taking the step of attending our next Essentials class. Here you will get to know some church leaders, learn more about the purpose of Missional Community Groups and begin connecting with others.